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Handheld OTDR

* Novel and beautiful appearance and structure design; 
* Special protection design of shell, durable and able to work under bad environment; 
* Simplest operating interface, shortcut key operation, easy to use;
* Dual operation of touch screen and keys; 
* Short event blind zone, test 5 m fiber jumper easily; Have a multiple kinds of test modes such as automatic test, manual test * and blind zone test, etc.. 
* Light detection and alarm are provided in the line, to avoid signal light from damage the instrument in the tested optical fiber; 
* Built-in high-power visual red light fault positioning function; 
* The USB interface functions can quickly realize the file transfer and report form preparation; 
* The universal light output connector is easy to replace, which is able to realize e a variety of interface tests;  
* Smart battery electric quantity indication and low –voltage alarm function; 
* 10-hour long time of duration, particularly suitable for the field construction application for a long time; 
* The multi-wavelength and dynamic range selection can satisfy customer’s high higher cost performance demands to the greatest extent; 
* The highly intelligent analysis software can accurately identify the fault splices, connectors and even macro-bending; 
* Language: multiple choices of languages, such as Chinese, English, etc, which can be customized according to customer’s requirements.


- Maintenance in Telecom

- Maintenance CATV

- Fiber Optic Lab Testing

- Other Fiber Optic Measurements

JW3302B handheld OTDR is a new generation of intelligent optical measuring instrument designed for the optical fiber communication system testing by JOINWIT.This product is mainly used to measure the parameters of optical fibers and cables, such as length, loss, and connection quality, etc.; it can realize the accurate positioning of event points and fault points, and can be widely used in the construction, maintenance testing and emergency repair of the optical fiber communication systems as well as the research, production and production measurement of optical fibers and cables and so on. 
This product can provide you with the highest performance of solutions for installation and construction of fiber optic network construction and the subsequent fast and efficient maintenance and troubleshooting testing.



FC/PC connector, 

NiMH battery, 

Trace Manager software CD, 

Data cable (USB/RS-232), 

AC adaptor, 

Soft carrying case, 

Warranty card, 

Quick reference guide.

Type of optical fiberSingle –mode
Center wavelength1310nm/1550nm (±20nm)
Maximum dynamic range (dB)36/35
Event blind zone1.5m
Attenuation blind zone10m
Display type3.5inch, color LCD, touch screen operation
Optical interfaceFC/UPC (Interchangeable SC, ST)
Test range 500m,1km,2km,4km,8km,16km,32km,64km,128km
Pulse width10,30,50,100,275,500,1000,5000,10000ns
Range accuracy± (1m + sampling interval +0.005% × distance)
Attenuation measurement±0.05 dB/dB
Reflection measurement±4dB
Data storage≥ 1000 test curves
Communication interfaceUSB
Power supply modeAC / DC adapter: AC: 100V ~ 240V (1.5A), 50/60HzDC: 18V to 20V (2A)Internal lithium-ion battery pack: 7.4V, 4400mAh
Battery operation time≥ 10hours
Operating temperature-5℃ ~ 50℃
Storage temperature-20℃ ~ 70℃
Relative humidity0 ~ 95%, no condensation
Weight≤ 1kg
Volume208mm × 110mm × 56mm
Standard Packages