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Handheld OTDR

- 0.8m ultra-short event blind area, easy to test optical fiber jumper.
- Minimum 2.5cm sampling resolution for accurately locating event points.
- 50dB large dynamic range, 256k data sampling point, capable for long-distance multi-branch communication network test.
- Bidirectional analysis and macro - bending analysis function.
- PON online testing function.
- Single and multi - module integrated test function.
- Advanced anti - reflection LCD, ensuring clear and visible display interface in field environment.
- A variety of test modes, touch screen and shortcut key operation.
- Automatic communication fiber monitoring function.
- Remote control function.
- Dual USB interface function, external USB disk, and printer.
- Bellcore GR196 and SR-4731 file formats supported.
- Multilingual operation interface.
- Built-in optional visual red light fault location (VFL), optical power meter, light source and end face detection function modules.
- OTDR optical output connector type can be changed at will, ensuring easy end face cleaning.


- Maintenance in Telecom

- Maintenance CATV

- Fiber Optic Lab Testing

- Other Fiber Optic Measurements

This manual is applicable to JW3302XR optical time domain reflectometer. The optical time domain reflectometer is a multifunctional test instrument designed for FTTx network. It is mainly used to measure the length, transmission loss, joint loss and other physical properties of optical fiber, and to locate the event point and fault point in the optical fiber line. It is widely used for engineering construction, maintenance test and emergency repair in optical fiber communication system, as well as fiber optic cable development and production test.
In addition to OTDR function, JW3302XR OTDR can also be equipped with optical power meter, light source, visual fault location (VFL) and vibration detection function.
Main functions and features of the JW3302XR optical time domain reflectometer:

The basic components of the JW3302XR optical time domain reflectometer are shown in Table 1-1 and 1-2.
Table 1-1 Standard configuration of JW3302XR optical time domain reflectometer
Table 1-2 Options of 3302XR optical time domain reflectometer
Instrument information