JOINWIT will attend PHOTONICS CHINA EXPO in Beijing on 11/30-12/02,2020
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2020 PHOTONICS CHINA EXPO will be held from 11/30/2020 to 12/02/2020 at the National Convention Center in Beijing. This EXPO will continue to uphold high standards and high standards, the exhibition covers the following six themes: infrared low-light-level technology and application, laser and intelligent manufacturing, Optical Communication & Optical Sensing & Internet of things, optical& precision optical manufacturing, measurement & control technology and instruments, innovation & technology and experimental results.
Since its successful holding in 2009, the photonics industry expo has experienced 11 sessions. Relying on the powerful industry resources cluster effect of the China Optical Engineering Society, it has attracted the industry leaders from home and abroad to show their latest achievements and innovative application cases.

Shanghai Joinwit will bring new optical test products to the EXPO. Joinwit is China’s leading supplier of optical test solutions, focusing on research and development of optical test technology. In this exhibition, Joinwit will display a series of optical test new products extinction ratio tester, high-power optical power meter and wireless optical fiber end detection equipment, for optical device manufacturers, equipment integrators and optical communications research, to provide a competitive photoelectric detection program, and committed to making optical communication detection more efficient and convenient.

Joinwit welcome new and old friends to visit our booth.