【Exhibition Notice】 JOINWIT will attend OFS China in Guilin on 8/16- 8/18/2022
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Fair Name: OFS China 2022

Dates: 8/16/2022 - 8/18/2022

Venue: Grand Bravo Guilin Hotel

No.2 Zhongyin Road, Xiufeng District, Guilin, China

Booth No.: Grand Bravo Guilin Hotel 1st floor No.33


China optical fiber sensing academic conference and industrialization forum (OFSC) has successfully held ten sessions, gradually, the invited academic reports of representative research groups, experts and scholars, production teams and enterprise representatives from home and abroad in the field of optical fiber sensing have been brought together, in particular, it has gathered the participation and attention of young and middle-aged key talents, front-line R & D personnel and graduate students, and stimulated the innovation enthusiasm and enterprising spirit of young scholars in this field, promote the academic development of domestic teams and echelon construction.

The exhibition focuses on the research and demand docking of optical fiber sensing technology in the application fields of petrochemical industry, smart grid, civil engineering, emergency safety, rail transportation, underwater sensing, etc. , it brings together domestic and foreign experts and scholars in the field of optical fiber sensing, system integration and key components of enterprise representatives, various application fields, etc. .

As the two largest conferences in the field of optical fiber sensing in China, in order to satisfy the desire of researchers and practitioners for faster and more urgent information exchange in the academic and industrial fields, the two conferences are integrated to create a more comprehensive, efficient and authoritative communication platform-“2022 China optical fiber sensing conference.”.