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JW8104 Specialise in LAN-WDM Optical Power Meter
    Publish time 2019-05-08 12:29    
Data traffic is in a rapid growth trend at recent years, the global mobile network data traffic compound annual growth rate of 57%.
The annual compound growth rate of Internet of things IOT investment has reached more than 30 percent in the Chinese Market.
According to statistics, the annual compound growth rate of investment in the global three-network-in-one broadband network has reached
about 15 percent. 

The rapid development of the multifaceted applications mentioned above depends on the support of data center network technology.
All these promote the urgency and necessity of data center 100G network application. FiberHome, Foxconn, Huawei, and Shijia introduce
AWG-based LAN_WDM transceiver modules. With the rapid growth in a number of tested pieces of (DUT), it is urgent to solve problems such
as detection efficiency, setting costs, etc.  JW8104 is an optical and electromechanical integrated product, which can detect LAN-WDM transceiver
modules of passive component of optical communication efficiently. It is a highly integrated inspection device.

2. Features
2.1  High detection efficiency
2.2  High accurate result with less insertion error.
2.3  Easy operation with one key automatic Inspection.
2.4 Alarm of testing result and visual judgement of qualified products.