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JW3327 Insertion/Return Loss Test Station
    Publish time 2020-12-07 09:30    
1)    Built-in high stability light source
2)        Large size color screen display
3)       Threshold setting configuration;
4)        Dual wavelength IL/RL simultaneous testing
5)        Multiple COM interface compatible application 
6)     Add 850 wavelength to detect multimode Patch cord  loss
7)    Built-in VFL function can easy to find the other end of the patch cord to increase test speed   

 JW3327 Insertion/Return Loss Test Station is a Joinwit precise instrument, which be adopted advantages from current abroad instrument brand and improved to the application from clients, developed by Joinwit. It is a technological breakthrough in the domestic market and greatly improves the efficiency of IL test of optical devices to the MM with two wavelengths testing result in one station. It has extensive applications in the fiber cable, fiber passive device, fiber active device and optical communication system. It is suitable to perform the WIP testing and sample character testing for fiber device manufacturer research institutes. 


Test wavelength


    Measurement range (dBm)

 +3dBm--- -75dBm

   Output Stability (dB)


   Outout Power(dBm)


  Display Screen

3.5-inch TFT color screen

  Dimensions mm)