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JW8006 Series SLED Optical Source
    Publish time 2020-12-07 09:37    
1.Optical Fiber Sensor
2.Optical Fiber Gyroscope
3.Defense and Military Affairs Research
4.Scientific Research and Teaching
SLED(Super luminescent light-emitting diode) is a super broadband optical source which is designed for fiber sensor;,
optical fiber gyroscope, lab application field. It has the feature as broaden bandwidth, customizable center wave length,
high output power, etc. Benchtop (for lab), standard module(150*125*20mm, with modulation function) and mini
module(90*70*15mm) is available. The key component is employed the FWHM bandwidth up to 40nm high power
SLEDs to ensure the spectrum performance. Stability is ensured by unique ATC and APC circuit. The output power is
adjustable by RS232 or RS485 port.

Comparing to ASE broadband optical source, it is more flexible wavelength optional and wider wavelength which can cover
from 600nm~1700nm random wavelength.

Standard product integrated 1~4 SLEDs randomly, with uniquely SLED software to design spectrum.
High and low polarization is optional.
◆Module, Benchtop, 1U Rack is available
◆High output power: Up to 20mW
◆Broad operations waveband: 600nm~1700nm is available
◆Excellent flatness in spectrum range
◆Uniquely designed with several SLEDs
◆High stability and reliability
◆High precise ATC and APC control circuit
◆LCD display