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JW3330 PON power meter
    Publish time 2021-03-23 09:29    

Product Overview

In order to meet the development needs of FTTX in China, Shanghai Jiahui has introduced the JW3330 series PON optical power meter -- intelligent type and economical type. It works in any position in PON network, and by extracting a very small part of optical signal online, it can be measured in the whole phase of FTTX service opening, maintenance, detection, reliable verification and ensure to meet the network communication requirements.

Product characteristics

At the same time, the 1310 upstream signal in PON system is tested

1490 & 1550 downlink

Support for uplink burst mode testing

Support for uplink burst mode testing can support the addition of visual fault location and standard optical power meter

Support bpone GPON architecture to experiment with voice, data and

Synchronous measurement and display of video signal

You can set thresholds, save files, edit file names, and more

Support for Chinese/English and third language settings

Support lithium battery and adapter power supply

USB communication interface

Support PC software operation

Three-color warning