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JW4107 optical fusion splicer
    Publish time 2021-03-23 09:39    

Product features

1. FTTH environment is suitable, can also be used for ordinary optical fiber engineering

PAS precise core alignment ensures low loss connection

3.8 seconds of fusion, 24 seconds of thermal shrinkage

4. X/y axis alone or X/y axis at the same time, Magnification 300/200

5. High-definition liquid crystal display, high-strength protective panels, and observation of x-and y-directional fibers

6. Three-in-one clamp, fusible single core, leather wire, tail fiber

7. Built-in large capacity lithium battery, can complete more than 300 times connection and heating

Product Overview

JW4107 is a newly introduced hand-held FTTH high-precision optical fiber splicing by Shanghai Jiahui Optoelectronics Technology Co. , Ltd. , is a specially designed for the installation, operation and maintenance of optical fiber network, a precise, durable, convenient optical fiber construction instrument. It is widely used in optical communication field such as construction, detection and maintenance of optical fiber line.

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