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JW3328 PON Network Resource Verification Meter
    Publish time 2021-10-21 14:09    

Product overview

The PON Network Resource Verification Meter is a large color-screen optical meter developed by the company to meet the customer’s needs and upgrade the basic functions of the original products. The instrument is highly integrated with PON network resource check, PON power meter, wide-range optical power meter, visual fault location, standard optical light source, etc. , with the function of detecting and maintaining the optical signal intensity of PON network, it is an ideal tool in the field of network maintenance and terminal resource inventory of Optical network terminals.

Product features

Ø  Large 3.5-inch TFT screen

Ø  Verification of PON network resources

Ø  Support PON Power Meter mode

Ø  Supports standard OPM mode

Ø  Support VFL mode

Ø  Support stable OLS mode

Ø  Bluetooth communication function

Ø  LED lighting function

Ø  Others:

Support Lithium Battery, AC adapter, USB power supply mode;

Intelligent power management and power detection function;

Support date and time setting; 

Support Power saving mode;