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JW8010 - Femtosecond Laser Light Source
    Publish time 2024-06-03 15:43    


The femtosecond laser used in the JW8010 femtosecond laser source is a robust, customizable, passively mode-locked fiber laser. The output pulse width is between sub-500fs and 20ps, the repetition frequency is in the order of 10MHz, the central wavelength is 1550nm, and the spectral width is more than 10nm. The femtosecond laser adopts a special saturable absorber for mode-locking, and the unique saturable absorber fixation process guarantees the stable and reliable performance of the laser. With the all-fiber structure, the pulse width can be accurately controlled. At the same time, the laser is not sensitive to vibration, and external vibration will not affect the performance of the laser. The laser module falling from a height of meters does not change the laser characteristics.

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