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JW5001 Optical Cable Emergency Tool Kits
    Publish time 2020-07-13 15:45    
JW5001 Optical Cable Emergency Tool kits is composed of most of the essential tools, it is suitable for general usage during the fiber installation and maintenance of fiber networks.

1     Fiber Optic stripper(CFS-2)      

2     Assembled sleeve wrench      

3     2M Tape Measures      

4     Utility Knife      

5     Piano wire clamp      

6     Cross Fiber reamer      

7     Nipper     

8     Scissors      

9     Pliers     

10    Accuate clamp      

11    Mini Screwdriver     

12    Inner-hexagonal Wrench    

13    Adjustable Spanner   

14    Assembled Screwdriver  

15    Alcohol Pump Bottle

16    Mark Pen

17    Flashlight

18    diagonal cutting pliers