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JW8103A High Speed Power Meter
    Publish time 2021-04-21 16:48    

Product features:

- multi-purpose, flexible configuration (external probe alone/external probe connected to instrument using/using built-in detector)

- 1 ~ 4 channels optional (more channels can be selected JW8105 products)

- wide dynamic test range + 10 ~-80 dbm

- sample rate can be set to a maximum of 10Ksps

- with three trigger storage functions, trigger edge can be set

- mass storage, 65536 per channel

- with analog voltage output function

- support for RJ45 & RS232 simultaneous communication

- support for PDL measurements

- display wavelength can be set by yourself, up to 32 wavelength is supported

- multiple interfaces (including bare fiber adapter, 1.25/2.5 Universal Connector, FC/LC/SC interface)

- internal temperature control circuit, to ensure the detector at a constant temperature, improve the accuracy of testing

Application scenario

Optical module test

Test of CWDM/DWDM module

AWG module testing

Test of Isolator/coupler and other optical devices

Automated test system

Teaching and experiment of optical communication

Fiber optic sensing test