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JW8605 Polarization extinction ratio tester
    Publish time 2023-11-09 14:56    

Product features

Up to 50 db PER

Free space input is supported

Simultaneous measurements on channel 1-4

Interchangeable interface FC/SC/LC

Light Power, extinction ratio, optical axis angle, degree of polarization of the same screen display

840 ~ 950nm, 960 ~ 1160nm, 1260 ~ 1630nm are available

Product application

Measurement of extinction ratio of polarization maintaining fiber

Alignment of polarization-maintaining fiber with laser source

Alignment of polarization axis of optical device

Testing of Y-branch fiber optic gyroscope

Test PM coupler and polarization beam splitter

Fusion splice monitoring with polarization maintaining fiber

Product Overview

JW8605 polarization extinction ratio tester is used to detect the polarization extinction ratio (PER) of polarization-maintaining devices, the degree of polarization of light sources, the extinction ratio of polarization-maintaining fibers and other polarization-maintaining devices, it is a new generation of precision optical measuring instrument developed by Jiahui company with many years’experience in optical device testing. Can be used for polarization maintaining fiber, polarization maintaining device extinction ratio measurement, polarization maintaining connector extinction ratio measurement, light source polarization degree measurement, measurement and polarization axis angle measurement.