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JW1630 external probe optical power meter
    Publish time 2021-03-30 14:27    

Product overview

The JW1630 external probe optical power meter provides accurate power measurement through a large area detector in the remote probe and can be used for flexible positioning. Its functions include average time setting from 100μs to 1s, automatic power range, minimum and maximum monitoring, and recording up to 20,000 samples. Fiber adapters are available for common connector types, including MT ribbon fiber connectors and bare fiber clamps. The D type adapter is magnetic fixed type, which is convenient to replace the adapter quickly. The probe also includes a detachable adapter ring for a threaded adapter. The detector with temperature control can be selected to make the test data more stable and accurate.

Product features

1) support RS232 serial communication, real-time fast communication;

2) the module can communicate with the host computer independently and is easy to use

3) the test dynamic range is large;

4) the test range is optional;

5) storage depth 20,000 data points;

6) maximum sampling rate 10Ksps, sampling rate can be set;

7) quick start and high precision measurement;

8) support trigger storage;

9) with analog voltage output function;

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