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JW18001-VOA Multi-Channel Variable Optical attenuator
    Publish time 2020-12-03 09:28    
JW18001-VOA Multi-Channel Variable Optical attenuator is Joinwit designed excellent performance for optical network integration test. Through the high-density design, the equipment space is saved greatly, the multi-channel independent optical attenuator channel provides the higher test data throughput and the test rate, the equipment also provides the rich communication interface, can Be integrated with many products of Joinwit System Module. It is the ideal solution for, Optical Network, Optical transmission field to light sensitivity, error rate, attenuation test on 40G / 100G optical module.

1) individual light attenuation modules
2) higher test efficiency and data processing capabilities
3) support for internal optical power meter
4) provides an RS232 interface
5) provide variety software protocols for easy system integration
6) 1-8 channel numbers selection