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JW3324 Intermittent Break Analyzer
    Publish time 2020-12-07 09:37    
1)  Data processing reset function: It can be restored automatically after recording a failure point.
2)  Automatically data-saving and alarming function.
3)  Avoid transient signals produced by electric switches and other disturbances.
4)  Built-in PC processor, without additional computer configuration.
5)  Digital LCD display with touch screen.
6)  Flexible interface connectors, which can be easily removed and cleaned. (Note: When disassembling, just rotate the interface and unplug it)
7)  Ergonomic design: The instrument adopts high-quality metal shell to protect the instrument from electrical interference in the production environment.

JW3324 Intermittent break analyzer is used to monitor the intermittent disconnection of interconnection devices in dynamic environment such as vibration. It can detect the contact reliability under vibration and display the time and times of disconnection.
Connectors and cables are widely used in aviation, aerospace systems and military equipment. Therefore, JW3324 Intermittent break analyzer is a basic testing instrument used by manufacturers, research institutions and operators for manufacture-testing, research -developing, engineering construction and maintenance.

Technical Specifications



   Output RangedBm

 -26dBm--- -37dBm

   Intermittent loss (dB)


   Intermittent time


   Error range




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