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JW8008 DWDM Laser Stabilize Light Source
    Publish time 2020-12-07 09:36    
1 High Wavelength stability
2. Any wavelength is optional
3. Adjustable output power
Up to 4 individual export options,
5. One key disconnects / opens the Sunbeam
6. Offers both internal and external modulation modes
7. Support Coarse / fine tuning
8.DBM / MW units optional
9. Compact small size package

The JW8008 DWDM Laser Stabilize Light Source uses the laser and the temperature control module, may according to the temperature output corresponding wavelength, can satisfy the customer multiple demand, may realize the single-wavelength output. It is an ideal instrument for scientific research and production under the condition of large attenuation range and very stable power and wavelength. Wavelength-division multiplexing. is widely used in the fields of optical communication, optical transmission, scientific research, production and engineering in optical fiber sensing.