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JW3201NS benchtop power meter
    Publish time 2020-07-13 15:23    
JW3201NS benchtop power meter is a high precision and wide range equipment designed by Joinwit. It has intelligent microprocessor control with automatic range switching. The photodetector PIN tube is linearized in 8 sections in the whole range of measurement, which eliminates the error caused by the non-linear response of the PIN tube to power value at the same wavelength and different power. It greatly improves the accuracy and reliability of equipment detection.
In addition to the function of traditional power meter, the tester also uses new data acquisition technology, which makes the power meter have a larger signal-to-noise ratio and larger dynamic range. When the signal is small, the internal circuit adopts the technology of small resistance and screen avoidance, which makes the instrument more sensitive, and the power value displays + 33 ~ - 50dBm.
The tester can be calibrated easily by a standard power meter.
The instrument has 9 wavelength calibration points (850 980 1300 1310 1450 1490 1544 1550 1625 nm). It can be used not only for direct measurement of optical power, but also for relative measurement of attenuation. 
1.Built-in detector with adjustable wavelength per nm
2.High sensitivity and display resolution
3.  Large dynamic range, automatic range.
4.  Threshold setting and unqualified data display.
5.  Adopt new data acquisition technology and has a larger signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range.
6. Provide RS232 communication function, which can realize power monitoring under unattended and automatically data-saving.

Technical Specifications (RS232connector)


JW3201NS benchtop power meter

Calibrated Wavelength (nm)

850 980 1300 1310 1450 1490 1544 1550 1625nm

Wavelength (nm)




Measuring range(dBm)








Working Temperature()


Store Temperature ()


Power Supply(V)


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Dimension (mm)


Note :Uncertainty refers to the error compared with the standard tester.