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JW8103 Dual-Channel High Speed Power meter
    Publish time 2020-12-07 09:35    
1: Wavelength can be adjustable every 5pm
2:Highest sampling rate:50KSPS
3:Highest external rate:10KHz
4:Provides external synchronous trigger and single trigger sampling function(PDL mode).
5:Provides maximum automatic search work mode(PDL mode)
6:Provides dual-channel automatic ratio calculation.(UNI mode)
7:More than 30 user calibration wavelengths
8:More menu settings,more comprehensive system function
9:Optical power detection can be low to -85dBm

JW8103 Bentch top Dual-channel High Speed Power Meter is according to the newest optical power test requirements ,combined with the technology characteristics of the power meter in domestic and overseas; the dual channel high speed power meter with very fast sampling rate(can achieve 51200 sampling point per second) and fast stable time, greatly improve the test efficiency;provide large InGaAs detector and adaptors,make it suitable for bare fiber environment and dynamic range test;provide more comprehensive menu settings function,for many test situations to use.


   Wavelength test range

 850nm ----1700nm

Measurement Range

 +5dBm ----  -85dBm


 0.15dB(-65 --- -75dBm)
0.3dB-75 --- -85dBm

   Total uncertainty