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JW8101 Bench-top Optical Power Meter
    Publish time 2020-12-07 09:36    
  •  Optical power meter can be configured for external probe or panel mounting.
  •  Intelligent alarm and threshold allocation.
  •  Buzzer alarm and font color alarm setting.
  •  PDL function Test.
  •  Spectroscopic ratio, additional loss, uniformity testing function
  •  English and Chinese configuration function.
  •  Provide RS232 communication function, realize the power monitoring under no one guard, automatically store the data

Application Environment
JW8101 Series of Optical Power Meter is a new generation of desktop optical power meter developed by Joinwit.In addition to providing better
dynamic range and linearity technical specifications, JW8101 also has rich menu design content, including threshold setting, alarm configuration,
light splitting ratio, uniformity, additional loss and other functions.Detachable external optical power meter probe can meet the needs of optical
device manufacturers, scientific research units and colleges and universities.


  Wavelength Range(nm)


Measurement RangedBm

 +5 --- -75

  Linearity  dB)

 0.04+5 --- -50dB)

 0.08+5 --- -50dB)

  Dimensions mm)